"By supporting, listening, questioning and challenging, I’ll help you find the solutions that are right for you and your unique circumstances."

My coaching style

My clients tell me that I am warm-hearted, curious, supportive, direct and appropriately challenging when needed.

I am naturally goal-focused and hold my clients’ interests & goals close to heart. We will check in regularly to ensure that our work together is meeting your expectations and is on track.

My personal and professional experience gives me insight into many challenges and I am usually incisive. However, you have all the answers, even when it may not be immediately obvious to you, so I do not offer guidance lightly. Instead, I’ll help you explore the challenges and possible solutions, asking relevant and reflective questions and holding the mirror up when it might be helpful to take a look.

Often, deeper-seated beliefs consciously and unconsciously dictate our habits & behaviours, sometimes clouding our perspective. It can be helpful to explore these to unlock new learnings. If so, I am always respectful and empathetic.

In essence, I aim to build an enabling, collaborative partnership that gives you the clarity and motivations you are seeking.

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