“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first coaching experience. However, within minutes Tim took the time to clearly explain how the sessions would run, the accountability that sat with me, and in a way that made the whole environment very trusting and enjoyable. Our sessions then helped me work through some specific areas in personal awareness, and self confidence. The tools that I learnt from Tim I use regularly, and I am very thankful.”


“I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching, but I found the whole experience beneficial. As someone who had recently been promoted into a new role, it helped me to build my confidence and allowed me to reflect on my development.”


"I wasn't quite sure how coaching would benefit me. Some midlife issues were having an impact in several areas of my life and yet from an outsider's perspective I was in my most productive period professionally. There was misalignment between how I was feeling and what I appeared to be achieving and this was creating a bit of a downward spiral. Put simply, my satisfaction did not match my 'achievements' and I was becoming trapped in thinking this was the new status quo.

Changing my work-based perspective around confidence, connection, empathy and communication has created a positive two-way relationship along the lines of the following: I can be my authentic self professionally - and likewise, I can use tools that solve problems professionally, that also improve my personal life.

This has delivered a positive cycle in a relatively short time period. It is not a miracle and many of the capabilities to achieve it were in me, but Tim really helped me to step back from the situation, select and then use the right tools."


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